About Kyla Houbolt

Kyla Houbolt, now in her 70s, has been publishing since 2019 and writing since she was a child. Congenitally impatient, she avoided any career and for a while posted poems on trees in a walking park. As the Greenway Poet, she was initially anonymous but later was outed by a neighbor. When that situation collapsed, she began sharing much of her shorter work on social media. Her “handle” of luaz_poet is the result of a dream name she was given decades ago. In that dream she asserted that she did not want to be a professional; she wanted to be a human being. The name ”Luaz” was given as a response to that. She lives a fairly nomadic life and hopes to land somewhere permanent some day. She is not fond of describing her work in any detail, preferring to let the poems speak for themselves. She hopes you enjoy them.

Read sample poems here.

Kyla forehead